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The Untold Truth About The Wealth Of Bishop David Oyedepo Nigerians Should Know.

The Untold Truth About The Wealth Of Bishop David Oyedepo Nigerians Should Know.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the Vision Carrier of the Living faith church also known as the Winners chapel, is the wealthiest preachers in Nigeria and the world, according to Forbes magazine, having a net worth of A hundred and Fifty Million Dollars ($150M).

The Man of God have over 70 books to his credit excluding periodicals. Through the grace of God upon the life of his servant, the church boast of several buildings, both in Nigeria and abroad and four private jets.

The Bishop owns several mansions, several cars with the branches of his church spread over the nooks and crannies of the Nigeria and abroad. He has two private universities to his record; The covenant university and Landmark university, where he function as the Chancellor. Another university known as crown university in progress in calabar.

The wealth of Bishop David Oyedepo has become the talk of the town and many people derived pleasure in criticizing the man of God without knowing the secret of his wealth. A lot of people are quick to speak against the servant of God, without going back to know how he started, the processes he pass through, the laws he obeyed, the principles he engaged and the spiritual laws he sustained to get to where he is today.

It is an aggregated offence of law breaking to talked against a man whom you know nothing about the secret of his wealth. To every fruit you see today, there exist a day when the seed was sown painfully.

A lot of people concludes, he is stealing the offerings and tithes of church members without even knowing how the church members came in the first place.

Bishop David Oyedepo, through his grand mother, as a child learned the principle of tithing, offering and giving; one of the most powerful principles in the kingdom for supernatural blessings, which he strictly obeyed. While growing up, he felt led by God to preach the gospel, and as an architect that he is, working with the ministry of housing in Ilorin, left to answer the call.

In may 1981, the man of God, in an 18-hour vision, received a mandate from God to bring "liberation to the world from all manner of oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith".

From that time forward the man of God has remain resolute and focus to the mandate, engaging all kingdom principles by Faith. Bishop David David Oyedepo is a giver to the core, the principles of tithing is one principle that can never be written off in the kingdom of God when it come to the matter of blessings.

The Bible reveals: bring all your tithe to the store house so that there will be food in my house, and PROVE me now with it, said the Lord of hosts and SEE if I will not open the Windows of heaven upon you to pour out blessings that there shall be no room enough to received it... I will also rebuke devourers for your sake so that they don't devour your blessings, so that all nations shall call you blessed. (Malachi 3:10-12).

This is an indispensable kingdom principle. Bishop Oyedepo is a man that strictly obey kingdom laws and principles without giving it a second thought, living faith members can testify to this.

It is not arguably that as many who follow and obey the same principles obeyed by the Bishop command great blessings towards them. Living faith members don't joke with kingdom principles, hence the dimensions of blessings and influence they command in every sphere of influence they found themselves.Blessings travels in the direction of obedience.

Talking about hard work and dedication to work, Bishop David Oyedepo is second to nobody. He sleeps late and wakes up early. He gives to study and prayer almost 80-90% of his time. He engage faith 100%. He is focused and determined.

How then do you expect a man of this credentials to do less. God is not wicked, he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

How can God reward a man that sleeps all night,talk and criticise successful people, greedy and selfish, vision less, faith less, prayer less, Lazy, etc, the same wit the man who do the very opposite?

Go examine the life of all successful people, there is always a law and principle they obey- the principle of wealth. This principles when carefully and totally obeyed worked for any man, anywhere upon the face of the earth.

Before the offerings and the tithes, the seeds and anything you see in the life of the Man of God, there are financial principles and laws he first obeyed and still obeying.

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