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What's the Rightful way to pay Tithe. Daddy Freeze vs Bishop Oyedepo

One very important matters that is currently sparking controversy in the society today is the question of "what is the rightful way to pay tithe". The tithe matter has been creating much attention for the people as it has become a matter of concern in the churches due to some words by the renowned minister of God Bishop David Oyedepo

One very important thing being enhanced in churches is the obligation of paying tithe as it is the commandments of God in the Holy Bible. Due to the words spoken by the Bishop so many people have come out to tackle those words. Here are some comments from people

Daddy freeze said "tithing this days is a scam" he further said "I have changed my mind seeing that some church heavyweight have come out swinging at him in a bid to undermine his message and safeguard there illicit financial bottom line". He said "if the church you pay your tithes own a school and you can't afford to attend or send your child to that school because of the fees,then you are a fool of the 21st century".

Everyone has his or her own opinions on this matter but we need to all find a way not to contradict what the Bible's teaches. I know we have our opinions too,let write it out in the comments.

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