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3 Things You Must Do To Get Divine Solution For All Your Problems

There are many problems in your life that can only be solved by a Divine Solution from God. They could be spiritual, physical or mental but God can solve everything. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and since he has done it in the past, he can do it again. Here are 3 things you have to do to get Divine Solution from God:

1. Humility

In order to get Divine Solution from God, we have to be humble. Humility is very important because God resist the proud and gives more grace to the humble. Just as Christ was humble during His stay on earth, you should imbibe that attributes. In pride, Divine Solution cannot cannot reach you. Put yourself below others and allow God to perform wonders in your life.

2. Honesty

Honestly is a major factor that distinguishes a man for Divine Solution. You have to be honest in everything you do if you want to get Divine Solution from God. you have to be able to accept that you are a sinner I show honesty in confessing your sins to God. A man who is not honest in all he does cannot receive Divine Solution from God. 

3. Holiness

Holiness is another virtue that we need to have if we are to get Divine Solution from God. a man who is on righteous and on only can not receive divine solution from God. even if you pray, your prayer will become an abomination unto God. Therefore, you have to be holy because without Holiness, no man can see God.

In conclusion, We need to give our life to enjoy Divine Solution from God. If you don't have humility, honesty and holiness, you don't have salvation and that should be what you should get first. Confess your sins first, then God will give you the Divine Solution you need.

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