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Say These Prayers To Break The Yoke Of Poverty

Poverty is the inability to provide for basic needs. Poverty, in a simple way, means someone is poor. No one wants to be poor and that is the prayer of every human being. You can be alive an tell me you want to be poor. Today, I will give you some prayers that you will pray to break the yoke of poverty.


1. Every yoke of poverty in my life is destroyed by fire in Jesus' name.

2. Every tree of poverty that is flourishing in my family line should be uprooted by your fire in Jesus' name.

3. Every curse laid upon me that is making me to swim in poverty should be burnt by fire in Jesus' name.

3. In Jesus' name, Father, arise and break every yoke of poverty from my life.

4. Father, I refuse to be poor in Jesus' name.

I hope you pray these prayers and I can assure you that God will answer them. 

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