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Say These Prayers And Destroy Every Evil Barriers Standing As A Goliath Between You And Your Helper

What is Goliath? GOLIATH go-li'-ath (golyath; Goliath): (1) The giant of Gath, and champion of the Philistine army ... The Bible also defines it as a giant and a warrior who was won by a small boy David; 1st Sam 17:4.

Now as I will be praying, I want you to answer by commenting with a mighty Amen; 

. Heavenly Father, every messenger of Darkness standing between me and my helper from connecting to each other, be destroyed by fire in Jesus name. 

. Oh Lord, Empower me and turn me to the David that will destroy the Goliath standing against my moving forward in Life. 

. Oh Lord, I ask you to uphold me with the power of the Holy Ghost, and destroy every enemy of progress standing in my way to succeed in life in the name of Jesus. 

. Oh Lord, I ask for divine power to defeat every barriers standing as a Goliath to my breakthrough in the name of Jesus. 

Thank you Lord Jesus for answered prayer...1st Thessalonians 1:1

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