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Things To Do Whenever You Fall Into The Sin Of Immorality

There is a possibility that you fall into the sin of immorality because you couldn't control yourself. You don't have to give up on yourself yet because there is still hope for you. You don't have to remain in that sin due to its magnitude but all you need to do is to follow these four steps:

1. Admit That You Have Sinned

Proverbs 28:13

Once you know that you are falling into the sin of sexual immorality, all you need to do is to admit, note, and say to yourself that "I have sinned and I know that this is contrary to what God has in store for me or what God has instructed that I do with my life."

2. Confess Your Sin

1 John 1:9

So why not confess it, no matter how big it is, it can never be bigger than Him, His love, His mercy towards you. If you are willing to confess it then he is willing to wash you clean. Until you are willing to admit it then you are not ready for his saving grace.

3. Stay Away From That Sin Or Those People Events Or Things That Influence You Or Arouse The Desire For Sex Around You

Romans 16:17-18

Once you notice that a certain people, a certain place, a certain lifestyle, movies or things, whatever they are, affects you or stir you up to want to have sex, why don't you avoid them, avoid pornography, avoid those sites on the internet, avoid those movies, avoid those friends and peer pressure that keeps pushing you into committing sexual immorality?

4. Live For God And Love God In Body, Soul, And Spirit

Romans 14:8

Knowing that you are God's own should control the way you think, it should control the way you live your life and it should control everything about you. You should know that you are God's. He said that your body is His temple and you shall not defile the Temple of the Lord. The Lord made you not for you, but His pleasure.

In conclusion, now that you have fallen into the same immorality, will you just stay there? No. You just have to do these things that we have mentioned and the Lord Himself will redeem you to Himself. When you confess your sin, there is a wiping away of that record and that sin is no longer remembered. Do not allow the devil to hold you with guilt, telling you that the Lord will not accept you anymore. That is the lie of the devil and you should not allow him to win.

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