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Midnight Prayers: Say These Prayers To Be Successful

If we go through our Bible, we will notice that Jesus Christ prays most of his prayers in the midnight. He prays the long prayer in the midnight while he is alone and this shows that midnight is actually one of the best moments to pray. Today, I will like you to say these prayers of you want to be successful.

1. Father, make me a successful person in Jesus name.

2. Father, everything I lay my hands on shall prosper and it shall come to fufillment in Jesus name.

3. Father, every evil demon assigned against my success, destroy them and out a wall of fire round me.

4. Father, break every padlock that is stopping me from unlocking my way to success.

5. Every chain that the enemy has used to stop me from moving into my success, Lord break them in Jesus name.

6. Father, let helper come from the North, South and East, West to help me and make me successful.

I hope you pray these prayers and I assure you that the Lord will answer them.

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