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I confessed to my parents that I don't believe in God, now they want to disown me (Fiction)

All my life I've been told to believe in a supreme being, serve him, thank him for saving my life. Well, I did all this for the first 15 years of my life without any question till doubt started creeping in.

Let me tell you a bit about my parents. My parents are Pastors, both of them. They head one of the fastest growing new generation churches with a congregation of at least 5 thousand-congregation across three countries. My Parents built the church from scratch after leaving one of the most popular Pentecostal churches due to church politics.

Now back to me, I finally found courage to tell my parents that Religion, specifically Christianity was not for me. The reaction I got was not what I bargained for. My father casted and binded every demon that is making me forget God, while my mother cried out loudly "My Enemies want to get me." Immediately I told them about my lack of belief, I went into my large room in our Large mansion.

Thoughts started rushing in, should I have kep it to myself? But I couldn't do it anymore. I've always been an obedient child, doing whatever my Parents wanted me to do. For Instance, at 14 I told my Parents that I wanted to be a lawyer, but my Parents disagreed vehemently. I withdrew for days because my parents would not support my dream of becoming a lawyer. A week later, my parents sat me down and spoke to me on how being a lawyer was a wrong career path, where I would have to commit sins, like protect criminals and lie for a living.

At 22, I finally decided to rebel against my parents. I can't pretend anymore. Religion is not for me, I don't believe in God. I'm not a bad person, I'm honest, kind, empathetic, humane. I just don't believe in God. But my lack of belief didn't sit well with my Parents, now they're threatening to disown me. I don't want to lose the love of my Parents. I understand them, the shame is too much to bear. But they have to come to terms with my decision

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