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Nov 19: Aquarius horoscope for today

Aquarius, It can be a good time to learn, study, or perfect a project or craft. Do not hesitate to work on a project or a business that you have started. Now is your extra time to take care of your household chores, and take a pleasure in accomplishing it.

You are doing a solid job or correcting an already frustrated or disorganized situation. Today you are in a good mood to go about your business and you can be very excited to find solutions to problems.

The moon is moving to its 12th solar house today and will stay in this private, less important area of ​​your map for a few days. You can take the opportunity to heal, rejuvenate, and emotionally refresh yourself before starting the new lunar cycle on Thursday.

With a harsh interpretation of psychological mercury and the unpredictable Uranus, someone close to you can put the strain on it. Do you light a candle at both ends? Chances are, you're letting all of your close relationships get in the way because not all of your ODs are doing the job.

The last thing you need is someone's criminal trail to join your endless stress list! Change your dynamic and take time for this person tonight, not because you are there but because you really appreciate the comfort of their company.

Talking about your philosophy and sharing ideas with others is great, but these days all that conversation and intellectual thinking can keep you from doing any real work.

You might think that everyday work and the other outrageous chores of everyday life don't have a lot of confusing or exciting options, but you'd be wrong. All the suggestions your mind needs are on your to-do list.

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