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Say This Prayer For God's Protection And Guidance Before Going To Work

The fourth working day of the week, Thursday morning, has arrived. The father Almighty has been merciful to us in the past, and he can do so too today. Let us impose our belief in him, and he will never let us down. He has never failed to answer our prayer whenever we call on him and he will always be there for us when we call for help. We must remember his importance on our lives and daily activities. We can't do without God, and we must acknowledge it to him. He has protected us, and we pray He will continue to do so. Say these prayers for protection before you go out today.

Our Father in Heaven we appreciate you for your divine protection and guidance over us since the beginning of this month.

Thank you for your responses to devotions in virtually every region of our existence.

For your provision and protection, we say thank you, God.

As we are about to step our foot outside today, please protect us in our today's activities on Lord

Anywhere we go, let your presence guide and keep us safe from the hands of the evil ones let the blood of your son Jesus Christ which he shields in the cross deliver us from the problem and distressed

We want to have a good day and be back safely into our various houses, Lord

We cover our working places, our client and workers, Lord, Cover them with your blood, In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Dear Lord, we pray that the enemy will have no power over us today, as we go out today, God, send our guardian angels to look after us.

Lord, forgive us our sins and pity us.

You shall not die today in the Name Of Jesus

Death shall not take your life this day in the name of Jesus

You shall not waste money to treat yourself this day in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Our Creator will give us good health and money this day in the name of Jesus

You shall not come back empty-handed this day in the name of Jesus.

The enemies shall not take your life this day in the name of Jesus

The God of Israel, Isaac, Abraham, and Jacob will never let you down, you are blessed and your family is covered with the precious blood of Jesus, we ask this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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