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Before You Sleep, Say These Prayers To Unlock Every Closed Doors In Your Life

The Bible says that we battle against principalities and powers of darkness and every powers that is against your success in life is of the devil and not of God. Today, I will like you to pray these prayers to unlock every close doors in your life and I can assure you that every closed doors in your life will begin to open.

1. Father, every power that is holding the key to my success should be scattered by fire.

2. Father, search for my key that I will use to open all doors that are closed against me.

3. Father, give me the master key that I will use to open the key to unlimited success and breakthroughs in Jesus name.

4. Father, I ask that you fight every power that is holding my keys to the doors closed against me.

I hope you pray these prayers a d God will answer you speedily. Do not also forget to click the follow button to receive more prayers from me.

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