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The Etiquette and Reward of Reciting the Honored Qur’an

These are the etiquette of reciting the Honored Qur’an which a Muslim has to observe while reading or reciting it. They are as follows:

1-   One should neither recite nor touch the Qur’an except in a state of purification

2-   One should use Siwak to clean his mouth before recitation

3-   One should wear his best clothes

4-   One should face the direction of prayer (Qibla)

5-   One should pause his recitation when yawning

6-   One should not interrupt his recitation and speak, except if necessary

7-   One should be attentive to what he is reciting

8-   One should pause at a verse mentioning reward and ask Allah for that reward

9-   One should pause at a verse mentioning punishment and seek refuse in Allah from that punishment

10-                      One should not leave the Qur’an opened, nor place anything on it

11-                      One should not raise his voice when reciting to the extent that he confuses other adjacent recitors

12-                      One should not recite in marketplace and places of distracting noise

Multiplication of Reward: Every person who recites the Qur’an purely for Allah’s sake will receive reward, but this reward is multiplied if the recitation is accompanied with attentiveness, contemplation and understanding of what is being recited. If it is done in this manner, each recited letter will be multiplied from ten to seven hundred times.

Daily Recitation: The companion of the Prophet (SAW) would recite the Qur’an daily, and none of them would make a habit of reciting the Qur’an in less than a week. Rather, they were prohibited from reciting it in less than three days.

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We should try to always read or recite the Honored Qur’an in order to be rewarded with the best reward.          

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