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Do we have to tithe?

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Some people don't really know the definition of tithing........To define to word tithing in the Bible, refers to giving or donating 10 percent your annual earnings, productions or possession to a religious fact, the word "tithe" means "tenth"

The reason why tithing is an important theme for Christians is because it really a symbol of how God calls us to live our lives as steward rather than be a owners.

In the old testament, God's people followed the law of tithing to accomplish this commandment, church members give one-trnth of their income to the Lord through his church. These are used to grow the church and promote the truth of the Lord throughout the world.

The first instance of tithing is found in Genesis 14vs18- 20...... This is when Abraham give a tenth of his possessions to Melchizedek and Hebrew appeals to this account to support the superiority of Melchizedek's priesthood over Levi's (Heb 7vs 4: 10) , God met Jacob at Bethel and promised him convenant blessings; The isrealite were also commanded to tithe from what they earned (Lev 27 vs 30).

Do we have to tithe? Yes, .........

Most Christians who tithe respect the principle of the old testament and find it a place to begin in their giving.

God is a loving and caring God, he has not asked us for everything we have. He knows you have alot of responsibility to cater for- he doesn't ask for all of it, or even most if it. Not even one quarter of it! He is just asking for just 10 tenth.And here's the best part - God will reward you for your faithfulness.

So, when next you think of giving to God, remember vividly that all blessings came from him and give back your 10 percent with a good happy heart.

He gives us so much and he ask for little!

Please pay your tithe regularly

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