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Check Out The Reasons Why Mary Is Called The “Mother Of God"

As a non-catholic, you might be wondering why the Catholics call Mary the Mother of God since God didn't have a father or a mother, like in Genesis 1:1 and because of that the Catholics are still questioned till today. 

According to the Trinity there are three persons in one God, which is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit , although they all have their own function. Since Mary was the woman who gave birth to Jesus, and Jesus is also the second person in the Blessed Trinity. 

So in essence Mary is also the mother of God, although non-catholics don't agree to this belief of the Catholics. They even ask if there is a place where Mary or the Rosary was mentioned in the bible, forgetting the fact that without Mary our salvation will not come.

For instance, if a friend comes to visit you and he or she walks into the house without greeting you mother. I am very sure you won't allow that friend of yours to stay for another minute in your house, and that's how the non-catholics do to the Mother of God.

Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something today

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