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Satan Will Fight You If You Have These 2 Things- Apostle Joshua Selman

The Bible says "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul". I will show you that there is a transaction this woman does that you don't pay with money, you only pay with your soul. When Satan came up the mountain and met Jesus, he said bow to me and I will give you everything because it was given to me. Babylon has a system of increasing men but you can know whether a man is increasing from the economy of Babylon or the kingdom's economy by one litmus test and that is the soul. If your soul dies as your wealth grows, there is a fraternity because Babylon has an assignment to extract away your soul in exchange for things. 

If your business is increasing while your prayer life is going down, an exchange has happened in the realm of the spirit. 3 john 1:2 "I wish above all things that thou may prosper but even as your soul prospers". This is what the devil will never give you. There is a generation saying there will not choose one and that is where the battle is. It has never been that you can choose wealth and your soul too. You must choose one but here comes a group of people who say I will prosper even as my soul prospers. I know your grandfather was rich but at the exchange of what? The real commodity is not real estate but your soul and the war. Some people don't collect money because they don't need it. There are realms where you only pay with your soul. 

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