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Meet The 14yrs Old Igbo Boy Who Speaks Igbo Proverbs, Says Wise Words & Behaves Like An Elderly Man

Some people were born different from others. There are cases of little kids who behave like adults, and this is the same case with a 14 years old boy from Awkuzu in Anambra state known as Ejike. Ejike is popularly known as the little prophet in his town. People believe Ejike is a very special child.

His character is just like that of an elderly man, he doesn't behave like a little boy at all. If you hear his voice without seeing him, you will think that it is an elderly man that is talking. Ejike doesn't like playing with his fellow kids in his environment, school, or anywhere. He's always seen talking with older men who are far older than him.

Ejike speaks Proverbs, wise words, he even makes incantations like a native doctor. And he said he is a reincarnation of a native doctor who died many years ago in the same town. Whenever he's saying all these, he is always serious about it, he doesn't joke when disclosing about his past life. He said he was sent back to this present life to become a prophet, no more a native doctor.

Ejike is popularly known as the little prophet because he's the youngest prophet in that town, and any prophesies he makes always come to pass. You hardly see Ejike with his mates, he's always visiting his older friends, who in return loves discussing with him, they also love him very much. He said he is very aware that he's been in this world before, that's why he does like an elderly man. He doesn't have to behave childishly when he's passed that level in his previous life.

He is very popular in his state and other states in Igbo land, you might even know about him. The little prophet also likes wearing the Igbo elders' traditional attires. He's just 14 years old, but he has the spirit of an old man. Thanks for reading, please like, share, and follow me up.

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