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Photos: 2 people in the world that lost their lives while trying to be like Jesus Christ

1)De Lawrence.

Born in England in 1885, D.H. Lawrence is regarded as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. He published many novels and poetry volumes during his lifetime, including Sons and Lovers and Women in Love, but is best known for his infamous Lady Chatterley's Lover.

the man called De Lawrence died a mysteriously,he said there no big deal about the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He died and his followers begin to tell people to them before he died,they said that their master will die and wake up on the 3rd day just like our Lord Jesus Christ did,

Surprisingly,he died and rose up on the 3rd day but on his way out of his burial room,there arose a mighty thunder from heaven and struck him to death.

Since,no man can be liked unto our Lord Jesus Christ not even him De Lawrence.

I shall die, resurrect after 3 days and ascend up to heaven just like Jesus did, said De Lawrence of America. He was struck by thunder as he try ascending.

Stories of De Lawrence have been told many times in many places which left many people abandoning their house, rocks being thrown at houses with no view of the stone thrower,rain falling only in a particular spot, babies cribs caught on fire with no harm to the baby and one that I have never forgotten about,a young lady being pregnant for sixteen Months who was taken out to see a spiritualist and was given medicine and she was told to sit over a pail when she did,she sat as if she wanted to urinate in the pail, while she did so, what came out of her was an egg, scribbled on the egg in blue ink was "LEAVE MY MAN NORMAN ALONG" the story was that this was done to her by normans baby's mother who had gone to an obeah man who was a student of De Lawrence.

It has been said that De Lawrence only terrorizes those who owes him and this is the way he demands of payment,he knew how to use the power of the mind.

Here is another person who died while trying to be like our Lord Jesus Christ.


The Nigerian Evangelist, Chidi Eke, reportedly died while fasting for 40 daysand nights in Eziala Nguru in Ngor Okpala council area of Imo State. He reported to have relocated to Imo State after claiming to have got a call from God asking him to go into ministry.

He relocated to imo state after he claimed to have gotten a call from God asking him to go into ministry.

He left his wife and children In Lagos and relocated to imo state where he started the fasting.

He had successfully concluded a 21days fast and decided to go ahead to do a 40days dry fast.

"During the first and second week of his fast, people who had gone to their farm heard him singing and praying loudly.

But after the third week nobody heard his voice again and most people thought perhaps he must have gone deep into meditation.

But one of his church members,who became worried and he insisted that he needed to visit him at the forest but what he saw was his corps.

What do you think will be the fate of Christans if these men succeed on their plans,christanity will be a thing of mockery.

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