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Checkout The Lifestyle Of Minchika People

Minchika is a local government area in Adamawa state, Nigeria. A state located in Northeastern part of the Country. Minchika local government area of Adamawa State are sharing boarder across from the famous tourist site of Mcedigyi in vecemwe Rhumsiki in Cameroon. Minchika town is among the most largest cities of Adamawa State, According to the National population commission, the inhabitants of this great Local government area constitute 20% of the Adamawa state population.

According to the former director of National population commission, over 500,000 people of Northern Nigeria are speaking Minchika language which make it difficult for many Minchika base citizens of Nigeria to speak another language as their second spoken language, despite the language barrier between Nigerian ethnic groups and Minchika ethnic group, the inhabitants of this great local government adopts to speak different types of Languages like Hausa, Kanuri, Kilba and Margi. This ethnic group are found chiefly in Minchika town of Adamawa State, but they are also found in some neighbouring countries like Niger Republic, Cameron, Chad and Partially in Ghana.

Minchika Tradions and Cultures

We have over 70 ethnics groups in Adamawa formerly known as Gongola State, But the Culture and traditions of Minchika tribe remains distinct. In Minchika, Marriage is according to Christianity teachings, because almost 98% of this inhabitants are practicing Christianity. The people of Minchika town are famously known with their Arts work and Fish farming activities, they concentrate on farming activities for their own benefits not for commercial purposes. We have different types of cultural festivals Organized annually by Kamwe people of Minchika town, Foremost amongst them are the Yawale, Wasinata, Ngarba, and the Zhitta dance among other festivals. 

Minchika Religions

Religion is very important in human life. According to the Local people of Minchika town, over 98% of the inhabitants are predominantly practicing Christianity religion, but only few Numbers of their population found to be Muslims and other traditional practices. This shows that many people of this great Local government area in Adamawa state are practicing monotheistic type of religion which means a type of religion that believe in the existence of only one God as the source of anything.

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