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Claim Your New week Blessings: Before stepping Out, Say This Prayer For Protection And Blessings.

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Waking up again today gives us another chance to thank and praise the Lord for his everlasting blessings. Waking up today also gives us another chance for you to ask God to fulfill your heart desires. As the Bible says: "Ask, and you shall be given", God never fails to do whatever you ask him, you just need to have faith.

There are families that are suffering, nothing ever works for them. There's something wrong with this type of family, it's either an altar is speaking or a foundation is speaking. Before we begin this prayer you need to know the difference between an altar and a foundation. An altar is a place where idle worship or worship of God is done however a foundation is a covenant of old, a promise made to gods concerning a particular family. There's no doubt that in Africa most of our ancestors did idle worship meaning they played wrong altars for us and in the process promised their deities things their generation will do for them.


Father Lord, I thank you for waking me up in full health today again, may your name be highly exalted.


Father wash me clean with your blood so that I can receive your favour this new week, father have your mercy and purify me in the name of Jesus.


I declare that whichever fashion weapons my enemies have laid for me, it will backfire on them.


I declare that the favor of God will always follow me everywhere I go. Oh lord I have come in accordance to your word, father bless me and my family, bless us so we can bless others.


Every spirit that has blindfolded my helper to locate me this week, father let them be remove in the name of Jesus


I destroy every spirit of premature dead in my family, and I command the angel of long life and prosperity to seat upon my family in Jesus mighty name of Jesus


Begin to possess by possession, mercy, goodness and favour let them locate me in his new week in the name of Jesus.


I command a new alter into my family, I pray that all the promised of God concerning my family shall come to pass in Jesus name.


I release myself, from every evil ancestral covenant, from every inherited bondage, in Jesus name amen. My glory is restored, never to be touched by evil in Jesus name amen


Oh Lord, deliver me from a mind of procrastination and laziness in the name of Jesus. In the power of the Holy Spirit, I defy satan's power upon my career, in the name of Jesus.

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