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Destiny Helpers: Say These 15 Prayer Points For Your Destiny Helpers To Locate You.

Here are 15 Prayer Points For Your Destiny Helpers to locate you:

1. Each Evil Figure assigned against me, disappear now. 

2. Let your hand of redemption rest upon my life today. 

3. My Father, make a connection between and my destiny helpers today..

4. Great God of exploration, detonate in my life in Jesus name.

5. Mighty God, let the blood of Jesus wash away every curse in me, that is stopping my destiny helper to help me. 

6. God, Every satanic veil covering and stopping my destiny helper let your fire consume them in Jesus name. 

7. I order your fresh anointing for blessing to fall on me now. 

8. My God, let the power for divine connection find me. 

9. Master of war, come and demolish each wicked authority claiming my destiny. 

10. Let the heaven of financial blessings open for me now. 

11. Oh ye detestable force neutralizing my progress die by fire in Jesus name.

12. Each Strange plan that prevent me from claiming my destiny, be devoured by the fire of the holy ghost. 

13. It is written in your promise concerning me that I will be able to divide the spoil of the land with the good and mighty and it shall be so.

14. I prophesy that the divine spirit of financial blessings rest on me today. 

15. Without you am nothing God, kindly don't let my enemies laugh at me. 

I pray for you that as you that you will prosper beyond your expectations and God will locate you with your destiny helpers in Jesus Name!

Kindly reply Amen and it shall be well with you.

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