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Do It Yourself: How To Traditionally Solve Evil Attack

This is a secret from the Yoruba elders, it is kept as a secret so that it won't be misused by the youth of nowadays. What we're going to talk about is something powerful, tested and trusted.

It can solve a lot of spiritual problems but you need to have faith that it will work before it can work for you. It is from the traditional religion and it is not a bad thing to protect yourself.


2 white eggs



1. Use the pen to draw this sign on the two eggs 6 times.

2. Say your prayers on the two eggs and mention the name of the odu ifa you draw on the eggs. The name is odi (do mi)

3. Pick one of the eggs and use it to rub your body from head to toe and take it to + junction (orita merin) and break it there. Come back home without looking back.

4. Take the second egg and put it on coal fire (eyin ina) if it explode, leave it there till its done and eat the egg. After eating it, throw the egg shell away from your house.

Note: Your will be solved very quickly.

Important notice: Don't do it at night.

Since you are not paying for this information, you need to say thank you for it to be fully effective.

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Do It Yourself Yoruba


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