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If All Our Pastors And Deacons Decide To Stop Paying Tithes, It Won’t Show In Our Income - Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide spoke at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle. It was the first Pre-Shiloh Encounter Service and the man of God revealed that the Holy Ghost spoke in very clear terms, all through scriptures, those who desire just one thing from God at a time usually return with their testimony.

He said that every Sunday between now and Shiloh has ordained a Pre-Shiloh encounter Service, and he advised them to just target one thing today and it shall return with them as a testimony. No assumption, so prepare yourself for one thing, even right now as I am talking to you, there are many things that are calling for attention, which is the one thing you must return with today. "Every Sunday, as you are coming in, take a piece of paper, a little piece of paper, write the one thing, define it yourself, and come into His presence," he said.

While discussing how one can tap into the wonder-working power of the word, he said that you have to remain committed to being guided by the Word. If you want to access the way forward, the man of God advised that you remain committed to being guided by the Word. Stop tempting God, stop doing what God says No to and expect Him to still back you up

He said that a minister asked him to relate the secret of the prosperity of his church. He said it is just payment of Tithes. "He couldn’t handle it. You need to know where we were before we started tithing and where we are by grace today, as a Church, by a definite instruction," he said. Somebody said, “anytime I mention corporate tithing, he gets offended.” You remember the testimony, then one day he told himself, “is it not me that will benefit from this.” Got back on key and then heavens opened. He said that It is very interesting, particularly when you remain consistent in obeying God. Off and on won’t sell. Off and on never wins a battle.

In conclusion, he said that If you remove all the tithes of all our Pastors in this Church from the income, it won’t show. If all the Deacons join the Pastors, to say, “we are not going to pay tithes again.” It won’t show. Because the source is not here. The source is in the covenant.

Source: Church Gist

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