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Hosts Of People Will Be Saved During The Great Tribulation-Kumuyi.

According to Kumuyi:

"The Great Tribulation will occur after the Rapture and it will be a period of terrible suffering on earth.During this time,the Anti Christ will take possession of this world for a reign of terror.He will not be a system or organization but a person-a supernatural, diabolical being in the form of a man who will blaspheme and proclaim himself to be God".(Daniel 8:23-25;2 Thessalonians 2:7-12; Revelation 13:1-10).

"The Great Tribulation will be a time men will be calling unto the mountain to fall on them;a time when burning rocks will be falling from heaven upon the earth and scorching it;seas will be polluted,cattles and vegetations will be destroyed and millions will die from catastrophes.Beast and men will be in trouble even mighty men will weep."Neither their gold and silver (riches)will be able to deliver them". Whole cities and nations will be under great distress, perplexity,as seas and waves are roaring;there will be hypertension and confusion as the powers of heavens will be shaken by God(Amos 5:18,19; lsaiah 2:19;24:1-3,6,18;Mark 13:24; Joel 1:15; Luke 21:25-26; Matthew 24:11-26; Revelation 19:1-3,11-19,21)."

"Though vast numbers of people will die in sin and rebellion during the period of the Great Tribulation,immense hosts of people will be saved;they will endure intense persecution and be martyred during that same period."(Revelation 7:9).

"Persecution is a common experience of Christ servants.ln different generations,many have been banished,maimed,afflicted, imprisoned or killed for their allegiance to God and committed to righteousness".

"The storms and tempest,the woes and the sorrows, the persecutions and the martyrdom of the Great Tribulation will not claim all the souls of men for the Anti-Christ.Multitudes will hear the gospel through the sealed servants of God and get saved".

The initial group of people that will be saved and sealed by God during the Great Tribulation,will be 144,000 Jews.(Revelation 7:1-8).

"The seal on each of the 144,000 Jewish servants of God, comprising 12,000 from each tribe, would be conspicuous on their foreheads as a token of divine ownership and a pledge of safety(Revelation 7:3)"

"The saved and sealed Jewish servants during the great tribulation period will be referred to as "the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb". Other lsraelites will still be saved during the great tribulation but these sealed Jewish servants will be the initial group to be saved(Revelation 14:1,4)"

Apart from the 144,000 and other Jews that would be saved,there will be" a great multitude,which no man can number,of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues"that will also be saved during the Great Tribulation (Revelation 7:9).

Those that will be saved "will stand before God to praise Him for their salvation from sin and grace to endure and overcome.With a loud voice,they will sing,"salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb". And the angels will rejoice with these triumphant saints and join them to offer praise and glory to God".

Those who would be saved during the great tribulation will be those who will wash their robes and make them white in the blood of the Lamb and resist the rule of the Antichrist.

"It is instructive that the translation and glorification of these victors would occur at the end of the great tribulation.Having overcome the beast(Anti Christ) and his massive army,they would join Christ for one thousand years on earth."

"The solemn truths we learn from the entrance of these great multitude to heaven are:one,the defiled and sinful cannot enter heaven (Revelation 21:27);two, Christ's sacrifice and shed blood is the only means of cleansing and purity provided by God;three, everyone is required to repent and ask for cleansing in the blood of the Lamb by faith(l John 1:7);four,all blood washed believers must endure persecution and persevere in holiness till the end(Hebrews 12:14);five,the true aim of grace is to make believers pure and blameless; every believer should make it a priority to maintain purity of heart and life(Daniel 1:8; Matthew 5:8)

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