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Did Sodom and Gomorrah Get To This Point Of Immortality We Have Today?

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Sodom and Gomorrah are popular with evil, to the extent of tagging a kind of evil act sodomy. We have been taught that a high level of abomination was committed by the people of that land. That prompted God to destroy it, saving only Lot and his family, because of Abraham.

Now, in comparison to what we are seeing in our society today, I'm asking a question. Did Sodom and Gomorrah get to this point of immortality we are experiencing in our time? It's unfortunate that when I log in to social media, all I see are naked women. Nobody can deny engaging in pornography, because we see a lot of it everywhere.

I don't think Sodom and Gomorrah committed this level of sin? Sometimes when I see all these things, I can not but feel very sorry for my children unborn. Why would going naked in the public domain be a trend? Even adverts of products that have nothing to do with women this day are garnished with photos of immorally dressed women.

The highest level of decay right now is hosting a show on national television where males and females willingly bed themselves. Did Sodom and Gomorrah get to this level of immortality? I don't think so, yet they got a bitter justice. What it is saying in essence is that this generation is due for the judgement of God.

I agree that Sodom and Gomorrah got what they deserved because there was no grace at that time. Now that we have grace, is it to the best of our interest to abuse it. We are likely telling God that He made a mistake by bringing Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Let us discourage this carnage that is about to occur. How will I even train my children to desist from immorality, when I struggle at home to keep them, only to go outside to see evil.

It pains, even more, to hear that most of these girls who go about in the nude parade themselves as Christians. Their male counterparts who benefit from this evil are not left out. I think they should create their religion and stop disgracing Christianity?

May God help every concerned parent to train their children to escape the type of evil brewing in the land. Our children must not be part the of evil that is coming but will be different in the land of the living.

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