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Last Thursday Of April, Say These Prayers.

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Thank you everlasting father for bringing me almost to the end of April, it shows that you have me so much in your mind, therefore I ask that you continue to uphold and protect me from the eyes of the enemies, in Jesus name. Let your consuming fire destroy every household powers working against my progress in life, and let me experience your total restoration in the upcoming month, in Jesus name I prayed.

I ask that you arise on my behalf and fight every witchcraft powers using evil dreams and cobweb to steal my glory, in Jesus name. And wherever they shall gather against my existence catch fire, and I pray from today henceforth they shall never hold me back, in Jesus name.

As the month of May approaches, I pray for your divine favor and open doors in all that I put my hands upon, in Jesus name. And give me your wisdom as you gave king Solomon so that I will know the right thing to do at the right time, to the glory of your name, in Jesus name.

Be with my family, and friends and let us enjoy your divine health, and let hospital be far from us, in Jesus name. May we also experience your abundant joy and peace forever as we step into the new month, in the name of Jesus. Thank my everlasting Father for granting my petitions, in Jesus name I prayed.

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