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3 Signs God Is Speaking To You

God always communicates with us in many but we often find it difficult to know or understand. The majority of us aren't paying attention to what God is saying because we don't grasp the indications and ways in which God can communicate with us as Christians.

This is due to the fact that some of us only seek God's counsel when we're in distress.

As a Christian, you should be aware of when God is speaking to you, so that you do not miss the point of the communication.

Meanwhile in this article, we look at some ways in which God is trying to communicate to us.

1. When you have the impression that a sermon is being delivered specifically to you.

This occurs when a person attends church and the sermon delivered by the man of God causes her to feel uncomfortable. That is an unmistakable indication that God is speaking to you. It's possible that He wants you to change. As a result, it is recommended that you never ignore any scripture or sermon that makes you feel bad about yourself.

2.When you see people being kind to you in times of trouble.

God loves us so much that He will always come to our aid when we are in need of assistance. It is possible that you will be in such hardship that you will forget about God, but He will still come to your aid. God can communicate with you through the medium of other people.

3.Experiencing strange dreams.

This is yet another way by which God can communicate with His children. People experience dreams and visions in which God instructs them on what they should do in order to be successful.

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