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Thursday Morning Prayers; O Lord, Promote and Settle Me In Life

Prayers, Supplication and Thanksgiving

Father, I glorify your holy name, you are mighty and marvellous. Thank you for the breaking of the day and the gift of life. You protect and sustain me and my family, I am greatful, receive all the glory

Lord, let your merciful kindness speak in my life today,

By your Holy Spirit, give me direction and lead me.

I nullify the plans of the wicked concerning me today, every works of the devil against me and my family, I destroy, in the name of Jesus

I cancel sicknesses, sudden attack, accident and witchcraft manipulation.

O Lord, promote me in life, lift me from this level and reposition me in life.

Promote me to be established in life, promote me to be settled in life, promote me to be celebrated in life, promote me to shine in life

My Father, bless the works of my hands today, favour me in all ramifications and let evil be far from me and my love ones today

Thank you Lord, for you have heard me. Receive all the glory



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