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Sunday Is A Day Set Aside By All Christians All Over The World To Worship God

Another beautiful, glorious and blessed Sunday is here again, a day of special blessings and grace from the Lord. Indeed, Sunday is the Lord's Day, a day set aside by Christians all over the world to have sweet fellowship with one another, pray together, share testimonies together and listen to the words of God.

Thanks be to God for making it possible for you and I to witness and experience this blessed day, the first day of the week. All days are special but Sunday is more unique and special because, it is the Lord's Day, the day that our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected from the death and before He finally ascended to heaven, He used to appear to His disciples on Sundays, the first day of the week. Mind you, anytime He appeared to his disciples, He would say " Peace be unto you". Indeed Sunday is the Lord's Day, a day of special peace of God.

Since the early Church of Christ had been gathering together on Sundays, it had been special blessings, even up till today, anytime the children of God gather together to serve and worship God, it has been blessings galore, many souls are saved, sanctified and baptised with Holy Ghost and fire. Infact, many people have been receiving divers healings and miracles.

My esteemed readers, I want to plead with you that, you should try as much as possible to attend a Bible teaching and living church this Sunday, there are lot of blessings waiting for you as you join the children of God to worship God in truth and holiness. Moreover, the word of God admonished us not to forsake the assembly of the children of God, especially on Sundays, therefore, put all barriers aside on this Sunday, see it as a duty to fellowship with other children of God this Sunday.

I pray that the blessings of this Sunday will not elude you, in the mighty and unfailing name of Jesus Christ.

Happy and blessed Sunday, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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