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Before You Sleep Tonight (18/07/2020), Pray This Prayer Of Protection

Before You Sleep Tonight (18/07/2020), Pray This Prayer Of Protection.

The night may not be friendly as people obviously believes but one thing is sure, God never forsakes his own no matter where and when. 

He is the Omniscient because he knows everything.

We call Him the omnipresent because He is everywhere. 

For the fact that no one is more powerful than He is, that is why we call Him Omnipotent.

That powerful God is ever present with you to display his powers against your enemies. 

Therefore, before you sleep tonight, pray these prayers:

1. Lord, you promise to send your Angels to take charge over me, I pray tonight that as I'm about to sleep, let your Angels take over my affairs.

2. Oh Lord, I report every planned and pre-planned attacks of my enemies to you as I sleep. I pray that let their plans be null and void in Jesus Name.

3. Any witches or wizards that tries to attack me in my dreams, Lord rain your curse on them in the Name of Jesus Christ.

4. As we sleep tonight, I cover all my family members with the blood of Jesus. No weapon fashioned against any of us shall prosper in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let me pray with you. 

Our Lord and Our God, I commit the night of your child unto your care Lord. As your child sleeps in peace tonight, the waking up shall be in peace in the name of Jesus Christ. You shall never die but live to accomplish your mission on Earth In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Please claim with faith and share this prayer. God bless you.

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