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Every Woman Should Teach Her Girl Child These Things

The joy of every woman is to have a child of her own. It doesn't really matter whether you have a male or female child. Every child has their unique role to play in life. If you're a mother blessed with a girl child, the following are things that child needs to be taught, even as she's growing up:

1. How to pray:

It doesn't matter the religion. A girl child should be taught how to be fervent in prayer, from her childhood. Her gender has made her vulnerable, and it is only when she draws close to God that she will be able to overcome the hurdles that might come her way.

2. How to dress decently:

The clothes you buy for your daughter will have a long term effect on her. Teach her the importance of dressing decently by leading by example. You as a mother should dress decently, and also, buy her decent clothes. This way, she will always be drawn to the decency in which she grew up.

3. How to walk like a lady:

A lot of women today do not have good postures when walking. Teach your daughter to hold her head high and walk with confidence. Bad posture is not good for women.

4. How to be smart all-round:

There's nothing as desirable as a proactive woman. Your daughter can learn smartness from you. Academically, emotionally, even financially. You might not know, but she's watching you.

5. How to cook and do chores:

This is very important. From a very young age, daughters should assist their mothers in the kitchen and in other chores. This will help them in future when they're on their own, or better still, married with children.

6. How to relate with the other gender:

Many parents shy away from this discussion, but it is very necessary. A girl child should know her limits with the opposite gender right from her childhood. This will prevent her from being taken advantage of, and will also help her in her interactions and relationship with men.

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