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Muslim defined Coronavirus, see message from Saudi Arabia about COVID-19 read what the imam says


This message goes to our fellow Muslim boys and girls, women and men.The letter was brought from Saudi Arabia. It was written by Sheikh Ahmed the main guard of the mosque in Mecca.He said, the Prophet Mohammed S.A.W appeared to him in his dream on Friday night and read the big Holy Quran, the Prophet Mohammed S.A.W said to sheikh Ahmed that, about 6000 people died, but no one of them entered Jannat (Heaven) and many of them were women and the reason was that they never used to pray at the right time and some of them never obeyed the rules and regulations of their husbands.

The Prophet Mohammed S.A.W said to sheikh Ahmed that he should pass the message to all the muslims. He said Again that any muslim that gets this message should share it with at least 20 other muslims who are unaware and anybody that gets this message and share it will never lack, the Prophet S.A.W said the person would enter Jannat with his family.

Any muslim that gets this message and did not pass it round would not prosper in his life. Sheik Ahmed said that if you doubt him or if you think he is lying he said may ALLAH never forgive him. if he is lying, may ALLAH never forgive him.

He said we should be fasting every Monday if you have the opportunity. He said again any body that has the opportunity to share this with 20 people, ALLAH would reward that person. There is a man by name Kalam who got this message and shared it with his muslim friends, with the promise of Allah, his company started growing bigger and bigger.

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