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5 Reasons Why The Catholic Church Always Honour Virgin Mary, The Mother Of Jesus Christ

The Catholic Church In Nigeria and all over the world are known for their special way of praying and this always involves them giving honour to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. However, a lot of Christians who are not members of the Catholic Church always see the act as being idolatry but in an actual sense, the catholic church has some things and reasons backing their doctrine.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (Illustrative picture of Virgin Mary)

Regarding that, we will be sharing with you some reasons why the Catholic Church always honours the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ.

1. The first reason why the Catholic Church has decided to always honour and not worship Virgin Mary is because of selfless acts. Selfless in the sense that, she didn't think about her reputation before she accepted to give birth to Jesus and she also gave credence to the fact that Jesus will die to redeem mankind from the bondage of laws.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (Illustrative picture of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ)

2. Another reason why the Catholic Church always honours the Virgin Mary is that she was allowed to give birth to the saviour of this world, Jesus Christ.

3. The Catholic Church also honour Mary because of her obedience to what the Angel told her in Luke 1: 26-38. Even though she was the mother of Jesus, her humility amidst women and others also made her a vessel unto honor in the Catholic Church.

Photo Credit: Exclusive (Illustrative picture of Virgin Mary)

4. The Catholic Church also sees Mary to be an intermediary between Jesus and the Church. The Catholic Church believes that Virgin Mary prays for the Church just like a mother will do to her children.

5. Another reason why the Catholic Church honour Mary is because she was the first to know about the coming of Jesus Christ and she stayed with him even till death.

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