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False Prophets Are Smart, But You Can Identify Them Using This Foolproof Rule

The Bible says in the last days many false prophets shall arise and they shall deceive many people.

Actually the Bible did not put a specific date on these last days, but looking at what is happening around us today, we don't need any specific date to know that what the Bible has said is coming to pass right before our eyes.

We may even be part of those who are experiencing it.

Nigeria has had her own fair share of false prophets, every now and then you hear of all sorts of atrocities committed by these so called prophets, and you begin to wonder whether that is what God has sent them to do.

There are true prophets, and there are false prophets. The problem is that it is very difficult, nearly impossible to differentiate between them.

They talk the same way, dress the same way, and all claim that God called them.

But God is not the author of confusion.

He has given us liberty to choose who we want to serve.

It is your responsibility to determine who you want as your spiritual heads. The fact that someone claims to be a prophet of God is not enough for you to submit yourself under his authority.

The Bible even warns us to test all spirits, and know whether they are of God.

Categories of False Prophets

False Prophets are in two categories.

1. There are some that are just operating because they see the church as a business center.

They know that in Nigeria people are battling with lots of problems that the government needs to look into, but because the government is not forth coming, the people suffers.

They position themselves to help these people talk to God and get messages from Him which will lead to miracles for these suffering people.

Of course their victims pay for this service and they continue to patronize them.

These categories of false prophets are just looking for what to eat.

2. The second categories are those who are direct agents of the devil.

These ones are not looking for food or money, they are out to mislead the people, to prevent them from knowing the truth, and keep them in perpetual bondage to the devil.

Both categories of false prophets are wicked and should be avoided.

Use the following points to identify them

1. Watch out for their ministries.

They don't care about the salvation and spiritual growth of their members.

They dwell mostly upon prosperity, healing, deliverance, and material blessings.

The messages they preach are diluted and does not carry fire.

2. Watch out for where they focus on in the Bible.

They avoid the hard truth of the Bible or downplay it, making it look unimportant before their congregation.

For example, they will never promote holiness and striving towards being like Jesus Christ.

3. Watch out for their way of life.

The Bible says by their fruits we shall know them.

If you have the opportunity look into the family and personal lives of these so called prophets, you will see clearly that they are not like Christ.

They may be talking bible, speaking in tongues, and prophesying daily, but you will not see evidence of a new life in them.

4. Watch out for the way they use or interpreted the Bible

False prophets use the bible to their advantage.

Apart from the fact that they don't preach the whole truth, they twist the Bible to explain what they are doing or what they want people to believe.

5. Watch out for what they preach about money

False prophets exploit their members, they make them pay tithes and offerings compulsorily even they are poor and need help from the church.

They make little or no provision for the welfare of their members.

6. Watch out for the way they use the name of Jesus

Some false prophets, especially the agents of darkness among them don't use of Jesus

They can pray for you, and prophesy, but they will not mention the name of Jesus.

Never believe any prophet to be true until you have tested him through the six points mentioned above.

Never fall a victim of a false prophet, build up yourself spiritually so that you will know how to go to God on your own and receive all that is needful for your destiny.

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