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Are You Passing Through Hard Times Right Now? Say These Prayers To Find Rest.

Trials and tribulations abound throughout life on Earth. Everyone has or will face unpleasant situations that make them feel helpless at some point in their lives. Some people may even feel tempted to quit.

Thankfully, our God is greater than any trial we may experience as Christians.

Standing on your feet, pray this strategic prayer aloud.

1. Father, I thank You for Your lovingkindness, Your constancy, and the fact that You remain even when all others leave and abandon me. In Jesus' name, please accept my gratitude.

2. Father, I've gone to You with my fears, burdens, and concerns about this struggle I'm going through; please come to my rescue. You are my only hope; free me from my problems, Lord, and do not abandon me.

3. My heart is heavy and heavy with anguish, God of peace. I spend a lot of time contemplating, planning, and worrying about my future. Help me to trust you even when everything seems to be falling apart. Help me make decisions that will aid and guide me through this trying moment.

4. Dear God, Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I pray to you because I am in severe need of assistance. I need to know that you love me and that you care about me. Lord, be my refuge and replace my anxiety with calm. When I'm feeling weak and unable to continue, be my strength. 

5. Help me not to be afraid of the future, but to trust that you are in charge when my emotions overwhelm me and I am in despair.

6. Father, I know you have the power to deliver me from these tribulations. I'll be patiently waiting for You to assist me in working things out for my benefit. You've always been dependable to me. I'll put my trust in Your steadfastness. Amen.

Send your Prayer To God With a Powerful Amen, on the comments box. and also share it with your loved ones to Remain Blessed.

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