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You Must Locate The Scripture That Has Something To Do With Your Situation—David Ibiyeomie

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and presiding Pastor of the Port Harcourt based Salvation Ministry has taken to his official Facebook page to share the video of a message he delivered on the importance of believers discovering the scriptures that appeals to their situations.

According to the cleric, from 0:06 of the video, he has shared in his words that, the words of God give light and understanding to different situations of life. In this essence, as a believer, you must know and understand what God is saying about your current situation. There is a word for every situation; it is your duty to locate that word and apply it to your present situation.

When you can gather the relevant and necessary scriptural words for your situation, it will give you a turnaround breakthrough in your situation. The light in the word of God would come on your situation, as such, darkness would not have power over you. The scriptures already have it that the entrance of the word of God giveth light and understanding—the light in the word of God would illuminate your situation and give you a turnaround breakthrough.

The scriptures have it that, the light in the word of God shines and the darkness comprehended it not. Once the light in the word of God envelopes your life, all the negative situations in your life would fizzle out. The cleric has drawn an example to buttress the message from the reaction of darkness when light shines. The darkness fades off and the light with its domineering power encompasses everywhere, making the darkness of no more relevance.

This same applies to the life of anyone who has located the word of God and applies it to his situation.

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