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Opinion: Did late Archbishop Idahosa's prayers really transform the life of Dangote? Read the story.

Humility really pays no matter how you look at it. It is a virtue not everyone posses. It is not for the proud, it is not for the easily angered and it is not for the poor in spirit.

It is a great lesson to learn from Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote's alleged encounter with late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission International.

It was said that Mr. Dangote received a special blessing from the late Pentecostal Charismatic preacher which transformed his live ever since.

According to Gospotainment, sometime in the early 90s, Dangote had an encounter that changed his story for good.

Archbishop Idahosa was said to have had some guests who needed to travel urgently from Benin to Lagos to catch up their flight to United States of America (USA).

Unfortunately, by the time the Archbishop took his guests to the airport they were told that the last flight for the day was overbooked and not a single seat was available.

The passengers were already boarded and the plane was about to take off, when Idahosa asked for the plane to be delayed, he then walked to the tarmac and was allowed to speak to the passengers.

The man of God explained to the passengers about the desperate situation of his guests. He pleaded that he need two persons to donate their seat for his guests.

While most all the passengers were pretending to be busy and not to have heard what the great man of God had said, a young man who was sitted at the back asked the person sitting close to him to stand up. They both vacated their seat for the American visitors.

Archbishop Idahosa, seeing what happened stopped him in the aisle of the plane and asked; "young man what is your name and what do you do?"

And the young man responded, "My name is Dangote, Aliko Dangote and this is my assistant. I am a trader, a businessman."

It was then that the Man of God, Archbishop Benson Idahosa prophesied to Dangote that "the world will get up for you"

So the prophecy coupled with hardwork brought Dangote to where he is today. Dangote obeyed and God rewarded him for his obedience.

It was as he read what God said in Isaiah 1:19 (TLB); "If you will only let me help you, if you will only obey, then I will make you rich." God means what he says and does what he says.

Humility pays. Don't be enveloped by pride.

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