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Weekly Prophetic Declarations - Bishop David Oyedepo


- As many as connect with their spirit today, you shall return home as a Watered Garden and as springs of water whose waters fail not in the name of Jesus.

Please don't you ever toil with prophetic instructions. That is where your future and my future lies. God speaks to our lives and Prophets speak to our moments.

- Some fellows will emerge like Joseph this year. Like a dream of the night, you will get out of the prison straight to the PALACE.

- Some have been resisted and resisted like Isaac, will emerge the Envy of their generation this year as you walk in obedience of Faith to every instruction from Heaven.

- Everybody called barren under the sound of my voice across the Nations of the world where we are gathered together and connected to this service, I DECREE YOUR SUPERNATURAL FRUITFULNESS NOW!! 

- Even your livestock is not permitted to be barren, THE END HAS COME TO THE SIEGE OF BARRENESS IN ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. 

- No more wasted labour. No more wasted investment. 

No more business dryness. 

No more career dryness. No more dryness of Joy and Peace. In the name of Jesus.

- Psalm 127:3, Exodus 23:25, serving God entitles you and I to the reward of Fruitfulness. Therefore, today marks the END of your groaning for Fruitfulness. IT'S DONE!! In the name of Jesus.

NO devil, witches, wizards, household enemies, gang-up of hell, TAKES YOU FOR A RIDE ANYMORE BECAUSE FROM NOW YOUR HAND SHALL BE ON THE NECK OF YOUR ENEMIES. 

Your enemy will only survive at your mercy, not the other way round in the name of Jesus Christ.


- Sir, listen to me: for anyone who cares to believe the words you have heard now, no matter the medical reasons, no matter the expertise of who gave that verdict; God's verdict is superior any day to Man's verdict. GOD HAS JUST TURNED YOU NOW TO A JOYFUL MOTHER OF CHILDREN.

- Whatever the devil wants to flush out of your life is TURNED TO A MIRACLE IN YOUR HAND.

- So, keep planning your dedication because it is GUARANTEED.

- Anybody that asks you from now, with the violence of Faith, GOD HAS DONE IT. "How now? GOD HAS DONE IT. Hehn hehn, Hallelujah ohh. 

And she comes to ask you again after 2 months because she is checking your stomach - BUT I TOLD YOU, GOD HAS DONE IT.

Okay oh, thank you." What you don't believe, you will never experience. 

- The good news is: NO GOING BACK.

Whatever I have declared on you today will become a Testimony in your life:

- For everyone called barren, YOUR TITLE HAS CHANGED.

- For anyone undergoing Dry Season in any area of his life, YOUR STORY HAS CHANGED.

- Many Joyful mothers of children are here this morning.

- There is not one of you that will not bring your children to Shiloh 2020.

- It's your Birthright; the thief has been caught; your Right has been RELEASED. So shall it be.

- For everyone all out in partnership with Jesus, in the pursuit of the advancement of His Kingdom, as we undertake Operation 10 for Christ 2020; I DECREE THAT THE YEAR 2020 SHALL BE YOUR YEAR OF OPEN REWARDS. No one delivers his/her minimum 10 without his/her Breaking Limit Testimony. Your Testimony will be here for all to hear.

- For all of our first timers and new converts, welcome home. This is a house of Joy. No tension, no pressure; just connecting people to God so they can have the best of their lives. Now, in the name of Jesus, none of you will miss God's package for you in this place. 

- The week is declared a week of Blessings. A week of Testimonies. A week of Advancement. In the name of Jesus.

- Next Sunday, come along with your business contacts, contact points for your business and careers. The hand of God will come upon you and the year will be different in all respect. Your mockers will join to laugh with you because YOUR STORY WILL CHANGE BY THE HAND OF GOD.

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