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Dear Muslims, This is What You Should Do Before Intercourse as Recommended By Prophet Muhammad

Dear Muslims, This is What You Should Do Before Intercourse as Recommended By Prophet Muhammad.

Islam is not just a religion, it is a total way of life. Islam touches all aspects of human existence.

Islam is a concern with the way we eat, drink, sleep, walk, and even meet our spouses.

Islam pays copious attention to marriage and sexual intercourse. Intercourse with one's partner is regarded as an act of worship and it will be gravely rewarded. While sexual intimacy with the wrong person is forbidden as it is regarded as a grave sin with severe consequences or punishment.

Islam also believes that the way husband and wife engage in sexual intercourse will determine how their child or children will be.

Child upbringing in Islam starts from the pre-marriage period to sexual intercourse between couples.

It is believed that devil or evil spirits are always present went two persons engage in sexual intercourse.

In order to chase these evil spirits away, there are certain Duas recommended by Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw) for every Muslim couple who are planning intercourse.

I will teach you just one of them, this dua is short and precise. This is very easy to memorize.

If you don't want to give birth to a bad child please always say this prayer before meeting your spouse. Don't be carried away with the short enjoyment.

See the prayer in the picture below.

Please kindly like and share this for other Muslims to benefit from it. Christians can also say the prayer to protect themselves.

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