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Prayer Points That Will Help Every First Born Overcome Their Spiritual Battles

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Every first born is born to Lead, and to be Prosperous in every good thing they do because he/she is the first star to come out from her mother's womb. On the contrary there are spiritual enemies that will oposse these blessings that is why you must be vigilant and Pray at all time. Remember their are spiritual Herod seeking to kill your star.

First borns in the Bible and their challenges

1. Esau, he sold his birth right because of hunger.

2. Jesus Christ, because of his birth king Herod killed more than 2,000 children

3. Adah, Jephthah sacrifice her because of the vowed he made.

Every First Born should Declare These Prayers with me

As the first born from my mother's womb I am born to win and to be prosperous in everything I do, in the name of Jesus. From today Let fire of God consume foundational powers opposing my blessings, in Jesus name I prayed.

Oh Lord, let your fire consume Witchcraft powers hunting my glory as the first born, in Jesus name I prayed. From today all my blessings shall manifest fully, in Jesus name I prayed, Amen

Thank you Father for your divine victory

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