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Faith Oyedepo Reveals Why You Should Be Serious In Raising Your Children

If you attended the teenagers section of your church, I bet you would remember how graduation services were like. For those who did not have the privilege, a graduation service is a service where the people who have just left their teenage age, are sent to the main church. I remember one graduation service, where one of the teen leaders was almost in tears. He was sad not because he was leaving, but because he did not have anyone capable enough to hand over to. There was nobody he had trained to be able to fill the shoes he would leave behind.

Faith Oyedepo has warned parents that if they want to preserve the coming generation, then they should train their children today, because the little ones of today will be the giants of the christian faith tommorow.

This generation has seen great men already. There are men like Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Pastor W.F Kumuyi. Your children could be like these men, but only if you train them correctly.

You see, the Bible says that if you train a child in the way he should go, he would not depart from the training you have given him when he gets old. The children that you have technically don't even belong to you. God, who knew the future of that child, knew that you will be the perfect person to raise that child to fulfill the purpose that be has determined for that child to fulfill, and that is why he gave you that child to raise. You are not supposed to fail because God has made available to you everything you need to succeed as you raise that child.

Dear Christian parent, raise your child with the mentality that your little human being could be the next Bishop Oyedepo, who will shake the christian world. Be blessed.

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