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50 Exclusive And Attractive Gele Headwraps That Will Get You Compliments In Church Tomorrow

Head wraps are materials, textiles or fabrics used in complimenting the physical appearance and beauty of every woman. Head wraps are usually designed by professional fashion designers in the beauty industry.

These Ankara head wraps are not limited to Church services alone as they can be worn to events like; baby's dedication, wedding party, engagement dates, dinner and lunch dates, village festivals and meetings.

When you get a piece of material for head wrap, start by sewing or trimming the edge of the fabric and after that, you can proceed to designing and styling it. All eyes would be on you in church tomorrow as a result of your quality and fashionable Ankara head wrap.

Certain items and equipments must be provided when designing or styling a head wrap, and they include;

1. Scissors, thread and needles

2. A chair and mirror.

3. Pins, hairbands and beads.

These beautiful Ankara head wraps can be made at home for those ladies who are very busy and, occupied but if you are not experienced in making Head wraps, I'll suggest you take them to a reputable stylist.


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