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Why It Is Your Duty To Make Others Become Born Again As A Christian

Sometimes we don't understand what it means to be born again; this comes with a charge and duty most people don't talk about. Being born again means to be reborn into Christ Jesus and also to turn a new way and path in life. That's why when you become born again, you have also decided to take the duty and charge that comes with it, and that is to make others become born again into Christ.

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Once you are called a Christian, it becomes a duty. This is one of the most difficult tasks for some people who are born again. You are not born again to enjoy the benefits that come with it alone; someone preaching or teachings changed you to become a new creation (born again), hence, the same is expected from you.

You are born again to reborn others. This is the great commission that the Holy Bible mentioned in the book of Matthew 28:16-20; converting others into Christianity the same way you were converted. This is why you should be aware that when you became born again, you are automatically charged to reborn others into Christ just like yourself.

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Reborning others can be through preaching or teaching, through your humanitarian service or simply your holy and humble way of living while showcasing Christ. You became born again to preach the gospel which is one of the major ways to reborn others to Christ according to the Holy Scriptures.

The book of Mark 16:15 says; “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” It's a charge and a duty that we must adhere to. Reborn others by reviving their spiritual mind through the message of God you share with them.

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This is what you are called to do. This job isn't meant for the pastors, evangelists, apostles or prophets alone, but it's for all those who became born again and have proclaimed the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour. Therefore, reborn others by preaching to them.

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