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What Happened After A Lady Who Was Preparing For Her Exams Was Struck With Madness -Dr. Olukoya

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, in his recent post on his Facebook page shared a video message to the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "There are millions of daily attacks on the head because whatever attacks the head attacks the whole body because it flows down. And Any attack on that head runs through your life. This is why sometimes when you see very brilliant people who are supposed to be doing well, the enemy tries to attack their brains.

Speaking further he shared a story that says "Remember the testimony we heard at the last PMCH? Close to the exam, this sister became insane. The enemy had seen what would become of her, and so the only solution was to make her insane. But as always, the enemies always miscalculate and make mistakes. This is why we pray that "Lord, let my enemies make mistakes" in MFM. The devil even made a mistake because the Bible says that if they had known what would happen, they would not have nailed Jesus to the cross, because once they nailed Him to the cross and He shed His blood, victory started for us. 

Speaking further he said "The enemies miscalculated. The girl ran for prayer and deliverance, got into deliverance services, and the arrow of insanity went back to the senders. All this happened in the space of one year, and she lost a year at school. But by the time she would go back, she made a first-class grade, and not only that, she was the best in the whole university. Why did the enemy attack her head? They did not want her to fulfill her destiny.

Watch The Facebook video Here.

Fast forward Facebook video from 1 hour 31 to minutes 12 seconds.

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