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Don't Reject Food Given To You In Your Dream, There Is Nothing Wrong With It - Pastor Chris

There has been great concern in the body of Christ over certain topics and experiences Christians are often faced with. One such experience is people eating in their dreams. Everyone in life at one point in time must have eaten in his/her dream. Some out of fun and others out of coercion. However, popular televangelist Chris Oyakhilome debunked all claims that eating in the dream is bad, and that it has no significance in the life of a Christian.

During one of Christ Embassy monthly online classrooms, a viewer asked if it was wrong to eat in the dream? Here is what Pastor Chris had to say on the issue.

The Bible says the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. That's where the old saints got the saying "the anointing breaks a yoke," but that rendition is a little bit misleading. It didn't say that the anointing will break the yoke, but of course, it will break the yoke.

This simply means that you can't put a yoke on one that is anointed(a Christian). The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. If you put a yoke on the person it will break. You can't be yoked. If many Christians understood that, then they will just walk out of their problems. They wouldn't need to cue up for deliverance.

It is an insult. We can do that for babes in Christ, but not someone who has been a Christian. Please don't let it continue in your life, such that years one, two, three you are still going for deliverance. because someone said that you need to.

Because someone said you drank in your dream, then you need to have a demon cast out of you. I told some people that if you find food in your dream eat it. I have had several people talk to me, that they needed prayer. And when I asked what the issue was, they replied that they ate in their dreams.

And I asked them what was wrong with that? It is a dream anyhow. Do you think that Satan is so good enough to give you food, even if it's in your dream? I wonder where many folks get their revelations from. In the Bible from Genesis to Revelation only angels ever gave food in dreams, there was no mention of demons doing such.

So where did they get that idea from? Only angels gave food to humans in their dreams in the Bible. In a dream, you had a table set before you, and you took only a bite and woke up with a bad conscience because of eating in the dream. Why should you feel bad?

You should have gone back to that sleep. I know there are some in the deliverance ministry who would say, Pastor Chris, you don't know much about demons. Well, I know and I have been casting out many over the years. How could a devil set a table for you? Don't you remember Psalm 23? That should convince you.

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