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Pray this prayer points before you sleep tonight.

A Prayer to Pray Before You go to bed.

At the end of every day there’s nothing better we can do than to give it all to God. To lay down our worries and cares. To thank him for his blessings and his presence through every hour of the day. To recognize the ways he’s led us, offered protection over our families, and provided for our needs. And though often we know that to be true, it can be difficult to really let everything go. Or we forget to even give him thanks for the constant way he’s at work in our lives.

We carry the worries and stress straight to bed with us. We hold on to the wounds and hurt feelings. We wrestle for sleep but can’t seem to turn off the spinning thoughts of to-do lists, schedules, and what we still need to get done for tomorrow.


Why Pray at Night? Prayers for Evening and Bedtime

Why Should We Pray at Night?

Evening Prayers

Evening Prayer for Peace

O Lord God, grant your peace to us, for you have supplied us with all things — the peace of rest, the peace of the Sabbath which has no evening; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Source: Augustine of Hippo

Keep Us in Peace

O Lord our God, keep us in peace during this night and at all times. Keep our hearts and thoughts secure in holy reverence for you, so that we may be protected at all times

from the snares of the enemy. And let us offer blessing and glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen. Source: Armenian Prayer

Evening Prayer For True Rest

Dear Lord, break me of the need to be busy pursuing a sense of self-worth. Make me secure in who You are and who You’ve made me to be, and as a result, teach me what it means to truly rest. Help me catch my breath. In Jesus’ Name, Amen ~ Max Lucado

Rest for Those Who Obey Your Word

Lord, you alone are God, the gracious and merciful. You command those who love your name to cast away all fear and care, and to lay their burdens on you. Keep us under your protection, and give us now and always that everlasting rest, which you have promised to those who obey your word; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Source: Primer of 1555, in Daily Prayer

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