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Here Are Reasons Why The Catholic Church Calls Mary “The Mother Of God"

This particular topic is a very controversial topic in the Roman Catholic church, and a lot of people most especially non-catholics frown about this. They don't believe in the prayer to Mary the mother of Jesus, Some of them feels the Catholics are worshipping her. Some people will even ask you why the Catholics do call Mary the Mother of God since God has no mother. 

So I my article today, I will be giving your u the reason why Catholics calls Mary the Mother of God, and why they pray to her.

*The Catholic church considered Mary the Mother of God because she gave birth to Jesus, and so she is automatically made the Mother of God. We have the Blessed Trinity which is three persons in one God, meaning “God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit". All christians believe that Jesus is God, and that's why Mary is called the Mother of God.

*The Catholics pray to Mary for her intercession to her son for us. In our today's world the easiest way to get something from your father is through your mother, so when your mother talks to your father for you, he will surely answer and grant your requests.

So the Catholics believes that once they call Mary for her help and intercession, she will surely ask her son and their prayers will be granted. 

*A lot of non-catholics believes that the Catholics worships Mary, and since in exodus 2:20, (Thou shall not worship any other god), so they feel the Catholics are doing something wrong. The Catholics does not worship Mary but they honour her, they do this because she is the mother of our Saviour and Redeemer. 

Like for instance, if your friend comes to pay you a visit at home and just walk pass your mother without even greeting her, am very sure you will scold your friend and tell him or her never to do that again. That's the same non-catholics ignore Mary and focus only on her son. 

You can share to your friends and family for more awareness. 

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