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Opinion: Bishop Oyedepo's "The Ark" a monumental achievement

Bishop Oyedepo recently announced that Living Faith will be building a 100,000 seater capacity church that is estimated to gulp about N160bn.

The Ark will specifically accommodate 106,000 seats and house a 24 Floor Mission Tower (International Headquarters Facility) made up of two twin towers of 12 floors each.

This project is estimated to be done in 3 years and upon completion, the existing 50,000 seater Faith Tabernacle will serve as an overflow facility.

As usual this development has attracted a lot of negative comments from Nigerians who are always at logger heads with the Church.

Each time there is a commendable feat accomplished by the church these people will try as much as possible to rubbish it and if there is anything that goes wrong by any means they will escalate to the highest.

You feel that such a project is a waste of money right?

That it can be used to create jobs for thousands of youths!

My question to people who say all these is, do you know how many thousands the church in Nigeria employs and empowers on a monthly basis?

Do you know how much value the church is adding to the nation in practically a sectors?

You can check and you will testify that churches like Living Faith, RCCG amongst others perform unbelievable Coporate Social Responsibility!

Does the church look like the Federal Government that it's primary responsibility will now be to provide jobs?

The Bishop has stated that the N160bn earmarked from the project will not be gotten from contribution from members but even if it was gotten from members how does that stop the Government from utilizing taxes to provide such facilities for her citizenry?

The Nigerian government right now is a colossal mess and the church is a model of correctness that should be followed instead of being attacked.

The kind of achievements the church in Nigeria has made and the way it is able to achieve things that the Country in all it's might cannot achieve is unbelievable.

So like they say, if you can't beat them join them, not attack them!

These are few reasons why the "Ark" project is a monumental achievement:

1) It is going to be a National and International landmark attracting tourism from all over the world.

2) The Construction is going to make thousands of Nigerian youths gainfully employed.

3) The project will be a monument of hope and inspiration for millions.

4) Nigerian Businesses of all kinds around that location will benefit hugely from the project.

5) The Federal government will generate revenue from the project, during and after.

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