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Power In God's Name: Say These Powerful Prayers To Any Sturbborn Situation You're Facing In Life

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Today, I'll be showing you some powerful prayers to say to any stubborn situation you are facing in life.

Bible said that the name of the lord and his words have life and truth, and whosoever believeth in them shall not die but have an everlasting life.

Bible also said that, "believe in the Lord all the days of your life, trust and have faith in him, do not be afraid for he is with you and they that wait upon him, he shall renew their strength.

Nevertheless, in this article I just want to be dropping to you some powerful prayers you can say to any stubborn situation you are facing in life.

Bible said that, "they that pray in the name of the Lord you shall not fail to answer them. therefore say this prayers to every situation and everything negative you're passing through in life and watch out for a turnaround.

# Father, I commit my life and everything in me as an individual into your able hands. Lord Jesus, I pray that may you take preeminent control of my life.

# Father, you are the God yesterday, the God today and the God forever. Lord Jesus, I pray that may you give me the Grace to live and abide by you.

# Father, I pray for your intimate mercy upon my life Lord Jesus in any way I have sinned against you, I pray that may you forgive me and give me the grace to live upright.

#Lord Jesus, may every negative thing planted against my life, by the power in the name Christ Jesus, I command them to uproot in Jesus name.

# Father, every spirit of darkness and principality that is working against the prosperity and favour of my life, Lord Jesus I release your fire from above upon them in Jesus name.

# Father, may every stubborn situation in my life, that has refused to let go of my breakthrough and success. By the name Christ Jesus, I command the soil to open and swallow them in Jesus name.

# Lord Jesus, may every chain of negativity that have been shared with be loss, in the name of Jesus.

# Father, everything that has stop working in my life before now, I anoint them with a fresh option to function in Jesus name.

"If you set those prayers, believe God for a wonderful result. Because, the Bible said that God will never fail to answer those that have prayed him his name.

Kindly type an Amen in the comment box below to redeem your prayer request.

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