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Horoscope: Good And Bad Attributes Of People Born In September (Libra)

Librans are those born between September 23 to October 22. Symbolized by the scales, librans are fair, reliable and balanced.

Good attributes

Librans are Democrats, advocates of peace. They hate discord and will do anything to bring peace to a place. They are posses amazing leadership skills which makes them natural born leaders.

They are perfectionists and are sometimes referred to as perfect as they present themselves as one who has their 'shit' together. They are idealistic, creative and intelligent. The most reasonable sign who rely on facts and not mere intuition. Librans are mostly extroverts, as they have impeccable social skills, they are charming, kind hearted and friendly.

Bad attributes

Librans are egoistic, they are believed to live a perfect life and it gets to their head. They are quite proud and inconsiderate. Librans can be extremely lazy and hesitant.

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