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5 important things Bishop Oyedepo said about Church growth that should be taken seriously

Growth is needed in any establishment. Hence, some people go any length in ensuring their establishment receives the growth it requires. Church is not left out among establishments where growth is needed.

The founder and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo explained that church growth is not easy and should never be neglected by anyone.

Speaking during Covenant Hours of Prayers, a morning prayer programme of his Church, the founder of Living Faith Church and presiding Pastor of Faith Tabernacle Church explained some important things that should be noted by any Church leader and anyone who desires growth in the Church.

According to Church Gist, the founder of Winners Chapel told his congregation that there is not shortcut to Church growth.

After going through his teaching, we will look at important things Bishop Oyedepo said concerning Church growth that should be taken seriously by every religion leader. Below are what he said about Church growth:

1. There Is No Software For Church Growth, Otherwise Churches In The World Will Be Exploding:

Bishop Oyedepo told his congregation that there is not shortcut for Church growth. He said Church growth requires lots of sacrifices and self denials before success will be achieved. He added that if there is any software that enhances Church growth, many churches in the world would be exploding.

2. No Church Grows Without Men And Women On The Altar Of Prayer. No Church Grows Under A Sleepy Pastor:

The founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide also said that no Church grows without men and women kneeling on the alter of prayers. He warned that no sleepy Pastor will experience Church growth.

3. Church Growth Is Not Somebody Speaking Good Grammar:

He also said that Church growth is not by speaking grammar. He advised Pastors to learn the act of prayers and not speaking big grammars on the pulpit, noting that grammar along will not bring Church growth without the power of God.

4. "If You Don’t Fan The Fire, It Will Go Off. If We Stop Praying In This Church, You Will Be Surprised At What Will Happen In This Church":

He explained that when you stop praying for the Church, the growth will start diminishing.

5. The Gates Of Hell Are All Out Against Church Growth:

Bishop Said Oyedepo concluded by explaining that devil is never happy when the Church of God start growing and prospering. He said the only way to sustain the growth is by continually kneeling before God and studying his Words.

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